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Door County, WI

Abby Rose Spirit

Psychic/Medium, Spirit Artist, Healer

Door County,WI

About Us

HAVE you ever wondered, where your loved ones go and what they might have to say after they leave life on Earth?

The gifted, Artist, psychic medium, and Grand Master Reiki healer and teacher, Abby Rose, can bring answers directly from the realms of Spirit to warm your heart or soothe your mind. As an admired and accurate psychic medium, and as a powerful Grand Master Reiki healer, Abby Rose has the ability to channel an image to its final flourish to produce a high-quality portrait, usually of a beloved family member who has passed on, and also spirit guides and guardian angels.

Abby Rose is available for psychic phone readings.

Abby Rose is also a qualified Reiki Grand Master. She provides powerful reiki healing and teaches one-on-one reiki classes, either face to face or through the Internet. She is also available for intuitive phone readings and counseling.


“I work in layers using different media, whether painting, drawing or sketching. My artistic images build layer upon layer until I hear a whisper in my mind or get a feeling of what the image is. I can queue into it, adding the last touches to the finished image. Often times, someone else can see other things in the art piece that I didn’t even realize I had drawn. do not even look at the next piece of charcoal or art tool that will be used next. I switch hands when I draw or rotate the canvas numerous times during the creative process because I believe in random chance. It is meant to be that way because all things are connected with reasons that cannot be explained.

“I believe healing takes place in the creative process. When I step back and see something at a different angle, I know the healing has happened. What is right in front of you takes time to understand. It is the joy that fills my heart when I can help another see what it is beyond a piece of paper.”

"I believe that creativity is a direct link to the Divine".


What an extraordinary gift to see your magic unfold in real time. I felt like I was truly witnessing a most sacred process and yet it was imbued with such joy and vibrancy. And the end result is amazing - I love the drawing and look forward to spending lots of time exploring the connections more deeply. Thank you! Deborah

My guide is truly a GODDESSS! I'm so excited to see the various layers in person when she arrives. You're words were quite intuitive. Thank you for your time and attention. you have such a gift. lots and lots of love


Hi Abigail just wanted to let you know my spirit guide has now been giving all sorts of good messages lately so thanks again for the painting


Abby......You are one of the most Beautiful Humans i have ever had the Karmic Fortune to meet. Thank You sooo much! Tribal fits me my Ancestry is Native & some most recent "past lives" are quite clear to me. So much Loving Blessings to you Abby. Your Art is Incredibly Beauty-Full and Awe Inspiring.


I love the piece u did on Saint Michael..I felt such a crazy connection to that piece..I thank God for your gift..You are amazing!


Abby is a gift with an amazing gift! Her energies just literally bubble over & blessedly one can't help being profoundly affected after just 1 minute of conversation with her.

Whether you get the chance to get a reading, spirit guide drawing, or animal spirit guide drawing, one always walks away feeling more enlightened, more in-tune spiritually, & definitely closer to your spiritual guides & angels.

If you are going to do just one thing for yourself this year, splurge & get a reading/drawing from Abby. You'll thank the stars forever.

Her beautiful spirit guide/animal spirit guide drawings also make wonderful gifts for the special people in your life.I surprised my husband with an animal spirit guide drawing just yesterday & he can't quit talking about it!

The guidance she brings gives you that warm fuzzy feeling just when you need it! Thank you,Abby! I'll always cherish having you in my life!


Abby Rose is the most wonderful artist and psychic medium I’ve had the pleasure of working with during my long career as a journalist, writer, editor and, more recently, as a healer, guide and speaker. She has a strong, ethical character, an engaging personality, a wonderful mind and a warm heart. She, too, is a deeply gifted artist and psychic medium.

Abby is the first person I considered and invited to partner with me as an artist, illustrator and creative director in helping me to execute a major research and writing project. She is an inspiring creative partner with immense enthusiasm, creativity, imagination, wisdom, joy and empathy. I can also recommend Abby as a gifted reiki healer. Her healing is powerful,

Michael Waddacor

— writer, healer, guide and inspirational speaker, January 2013

Comments: My Father passed away 24 years ago. There hasn't been one day since then that I haven't missed him & wished I could talk to him. He & I were extremely close. I was his favorite & he was my favorite! After being with Abby for one minute I was in tears. My Dad's presence was so strong. He sent me messages through Abby that only he would know. One message was about the car he bought me when I was a teenager 33 years ago !!!!! It was a beautiful experience. I was very skeptical & I was not going to have a reading. People told me it was a bunch of b.s. & that it was a waste of money. But my friend Cathy kept telling me how every time she gets a reading from Abby, she connects with her Mother that passed. I would give anything to have a moment with my Dad so I tried it myself to see if it was real. And let me tell you, Abby is the real deal! And it was the best $60 I ever spent! She told me stuff about my children & my family that were absolutely accurate. She spoke of our business & was right on! She even told me personal stuff about my marriage that was true! My husband & daughter decided to have readings too and they both were amazed at the accuracy of Abby's reading. I am now a true believer and I can not wait to have another reading. My husband & Daughter feel the same way and our son plans to join us for a reading next time too. And the picture Abby draws while doing your reading is amazing in itself. What a talented Artist !!! Thank you soo much Abby. You have brought joy to my heart knowing that my father is ok & is always with me & my children, guiding & protecting us. God bless you. You truly are gifted. It was a pleasure meeting you & I look forward to seeing you again real soon. Harriett : )

 I had my first reading with Abby on my birthday, on June 1st, 2013. To say I was moved by the experience would be a gross understatement! There was more raw emotion and truth brought forth in that half hour session than I could have uncovered by myself in a lifetime. Abby was right. Sometimes, we, as the living, are not so very willing to listen, and thus hear what our minds tell us should be obvious... Not always the case when dealing with those who have left the physical world, because sometimes you just need to listen to what they convey through a wonderful medium!!! As a note to Abby-- "Jerry SAYS THIS IS JERRY" is exactly what I heard!!! Jerry was right.. I was NOT! LOL! In actuality-- "Jerry SAYS THIS IS GERRY!!" is what I should have heard. My grandfather was there too, and that is a gift that most people could never, ever give me... He passed when my Mom was 5. Thank you for the picture of my grandfather, the reassurance, and the help to move forward. I have more gratitude than I can ever express!!! I will most definitely be back to see you again. 

On May 11, 2013 I met Abby Rose and experienced my first psychic reading. She pulled together a lifetime of experiences that were unconnected threads in a way that was very meaningful and accurate. Meeting her was a gift!


On May 11, 2013 I met Abby Rose and experienced my first psychic reading. She pulled together a lifetime of experiences that were unconnected threads in a way that was very meaningful and accurate. Meeting her was a gift!


"I knew my Mother was present as soon as Abby started her reading. She said things only my mom and I knew and I now have confirmation my mom is where she is supposed be and is truly with me. My experience with Abby was incredible." Christine Calnin

Abby just did my spirit guide pic and I am overwhelmed on how accurate she is turned out almost what I thought it would have in it..I recommend her highly. This is my second drawing from her and she nailed that one too.. Love u girl.. much blessings to such gifted woman..♥


Wow, I was breathless during the session. So beautiful. This is definitely the best gift I have ever received. Thank you Abby for making yourself available to do this for me, and for your skill. Amazing!!!


I had my first reading yesterday and already I feel the changes within me. I slept soundly, Im at peace, I feel a change with in me. Thank you for sharing your gift, it is so personal and profound. I feel I must help my inner goddess come out. Bless you and your work for you are are true healer of heart and mind. Thank you and blessings on all that you do! Tracy

OMG! SQUEEZE!!!!! Wow, I'm so amazed, I can't even tell you. I've always felt like a deep connection to Native American spirituality and studied it for years, so I'm surprised and not surprised at the same time.


Thank you Abigail. I feel knowing about you and your work has been such a blessing.

Carole xxx

Hi Abby!!!! Thank you soooooo much! I needed that validation tonight so badly. You are definitely talented and beautiful yourself :-) It was an amazing experience. 


On Friday March 16th 2012. Abby Rose did a art piece for me for after my radio show NO ORDINARY PSYCHIC RADIO. She did what I believe is called SPIRIT ART or Guardian Angel art. I was amazed of how awesome this was to be able to see the art come to life before my eyes LIVE! and this was such a beautiful piece. I want you to know I am recommending you to all my clients, friends & family. Once again Thank you!!!!

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