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Door County, WI

Abby Rose Spirit

Psychic/Medium, Spirit Artist, Healer


Structure Is Being Recalibrated On All levels

Posted on December 28, 2012 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (3)

Structure is being recalibrated on all levels. Take a minute and review who and where you were a year ago. Massive change of individual essence has been exactly that, changed
Your individual structure, Earth structure, and the structure of society as a whole, in logical correlation with numerological measurements, have been in complete transformation. In one moment, massive newness has taken place. It takes time for the mind to process so much in just a second; it takes time to process so much change. One forgets they are rooted to Earth, and cycles of nature and the process of growth have a pattern and seasons. Look in your heart, feel the massive awesomeness of the word infinity. It is in the heart that infinity is understood.
Do not be let down by your earthly material view of what has manifested in your core being of truth. The silence, the void in this wisdom, expands the stage of individual karma in the complete realigning to a never-ending line of possibilities, which, in a system of illusion, is seen as some kind of abstract thought. The reality of Creation is a gift to be opened, and the doorway has been opened.
Those who have begun this journey of self-discovery with all the harsh “reality” of an industrial nature are being thrown into a resurrecting fire of truth,fear burned to ashes, illusional fog cleared from energy fields. Many have wished that their own suffering would be completely gone in one day. The reality of reality is that which no longer exists to dictate your truth on material bases of greed and corruption, that these fields of energy, upon exit, are most likely painful.
Many are disappointed that nothing supposedly happened on the December 21st 2012. They are looking at the wrong energy zone. Ascension is, on many levels, flowing through and healing hardcore craziness, now more than ever.
Abby Rose

© 2012 AbbyRoseSpirit