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Door County, WI

Abby Rose Spirit

Psychic/Medium, Spirit Artist, Healer


Mother Earth Craves Love From Your Feet

Posted on January 29, 2013 at 3:48 PM Comments comments (6)

In times of chaos and disruption the security of your core to earth in balance with your intuition and spiritual being is needed to fully expand the dimension of your reality in order to shift your circumstances.

Mother earth craves the love from your feet! You can consciously create balance of polarities by being aware of your connection with earth along with the infinite possibilities of creative and/or spiritual belief. To be aware of Earths magnetic core and the core of your own being and by sending love to this center, you are creating a platform needed to obtain a higher existence in your human body.

It is easy to fall or to find that you are not being fully supported by universe, when your energy fields are out of whack between your lower and upper body.

When your energy fields are in balance it allows equilibrium into conditions presented in the moment, felt in the moment and reacted to with a natural flow and a level headed approach-creating harmony and a peaceful state of being.

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