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Door County, WI

Abby Rose Spirit

Psychic/Medium, Spirit Artist, Healer


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Energy Changes, February 2014

Posted on February 17, 2014 at 3:26 PM Comments comments (1743)
Dear Spirit Guides and Angels, what can you tell me about the current shifts and shifts in the near future as in: the energies of earth and the people, what kinds of changes are taking place?

Extreme changes where about last month (January 2014), like unzipping blockages that released into a cloud that may have felt like chaos. On an individual level many felt this last month with intensity, on an interpersonal and relationship level things that needed a final resurfacing to end a cycle caused much of this friction, some more so then others. 

We are entering now into a phase where individual identity and the purpose of each and everyone is becoming clearer. Some are realizing their divine plan, many are questioning where they are going, others are working toward new levels and expansion of a divine plan. The shift is right now, a look back and then into the present- building a road with new adjectives is being discovered one-step- at a-time. These shifts are confusing, kinks are working there way out. People are using how they feel and intuition on a much higher level now more then ever. That which is holding you back is lifting and reality is becoming clearer whether aware of it or not.

Knowing what your personal needs are, is a shift being felt by many. That which we build may grow or fall, gently lay down what no longer serves you. When the personal needs of an individual is realized, growth and change will happen quickly. Magnificent opportunity’s to those that are attuned to there personal truth and purpose will be felt soon in the upcoming months and surprising freedom of expression and honest communication with clear realism, in creating a better world for all.

We will see Eagles take flight into the unknown world of complete untainted air, clarity, a rebirth. What is present in the unbounded wings of light is a destination unknown yet written in a dimension of high frequency, translation into destiny. Inside the heart a love complete is within each and every one, this completeness, this key, this world is worth the search and all that ever really existed forever. All will be gifted the opportunity of the present for a higher calling, a soul purpose a journey of truth.

©2014 AbbyRoseSpirit

Dreams are Gifts

Posted on July 24, 2013 at 2:34 PM Comments comments (0)

WHAT IDEAS BECKON YOU awake from a foggy haze of remembrance, what gifts bring forth the joy of a wide eyed opened heart, what dreams are you, what make you a unique individual?

If you had no worries, no fears, if you were free of any self judgment, if the present was all you were, if the past was just wisdom. If you did not care about the outcome, if you just felt everything as it is now, in the now and what would you feel?

Freedom to be, freedom from all that ever held you back. If for just now in this moment, if all and everything good and beautiful that created the essence of you, the greatness of a forever growing strength, the feel of your own power and the power too be exactly you. Breathe in the divine energy of your eternal self.

You are divine, you are special, and you are a gift.

  ©2013 AbbyRoseSpirit

Nature Cures

Posted on June 24, 2013 at 5:11 PM Comments comments (3)
                                                                      Nature Cures

A walk in wonder.
Blessings of the present, 
sings undertones of a natural rhythm.

For a moment all is everything.
A sunset leads the way.
Dreams are whispered and a soul surrenders,

And catches our world by the hand.

 © 2013 AbbyRoseSpirit

Changes and Rainbows

Posted on May 22, 2013 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (1)
“Dear Beings of light in the highest of good, what is taking place on earth right now? What is to come?"

Dear beautiful beings of light and love, the shift of ages is taking place under your nose, changing the way in which you breath, the way you are taking in the information you are receiving and how you perceive yourself and the world around you. Six months from the beginning of massive shifts and into the next season shall bring great peace, focus and true direction of the heart. The path of enlightenment shall be apparent in the nature that surrounds you,the shift shall set you free to perceive what is,as it always has been,true to the beauty of nature and apparent to your nature.

No longer can one move forward from the past with continuing cycles,these patterns have been sliced with the understanding of eternal truth so desperately needed and now here. 

Transitions is a key word right now,old beliefs and fears are realized with a current of divine energy slicing through what no longer serves a place of peace and currently in the moment this is being typed. 

In the near future, swift movement to the dawn of orange and gold shall set tear drops and bring out the rainbows and abstracted so. Breaking the shell of individual chambers as one may think of loss, resurrected into freshly born dew on a light summers day. 

Take time to care for your individual vessel without quilt or worry about future events, as you are exactly as you should be. 

© 2013 AbbyRoseSpirit

Easter Frequency Shifts

Posted on March 30, 2013 at 11:43 AM Comments comments (0)

Dear Angels and Spirit Guides are we undergoing any Frequency shifts and are any kind of bigger shift happening for Easter, and what is going on with energy as of late?

Transportation of another form a vessel of in- tuned light can be born from the cradle of ones own imagination, The golden light of God and Gaia’s core fire of creation are melting together, so to speak: a combined form and new structural level. New beings of dimensional forms shall be apparent to the eyes of the blinded, in meaning those who wish to communicate on higher levels shall do so with much more grace and flow then has been able before. Levels of your atmosphere and energetic surroundings have been lightened enough to create an easier forming of our spoken words.

Much deeper the lines of your heart now may be planted and victories to well rooted feet, the strength of your core strengthens the core of Gaia at the same time and together, the power of you understanding can play together on the grid of humanity in positive and uplifting ways.

Ionic changes shall be found.

© 2013 AbbyRoseSpirit

How Do You Truly Feel?

Posted on March 25, 2013 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (1)

How do you truly feel?

What are your emotions telling you?

Are you happy, are you sad, does something make you angry?

What are you feeling? 

It is an illusion to think your true feelings are wrong. Own your right to feel.
Clarity is buried underneath emotions perceived as negative and the power of understanding. By digging through the mud, by owning feelings that are yours to feel, empowers your soul to love on a new level. By accepting you and what is your truth, you are taking back you soul. 

Painting-Letting Go,oil, By Abby Abby Rose

Embrace and allow how you feel and free them. Like a bird flying high to the sky to the sun, you will find a new level of peace.

Release, let go and forgive.

© 2013 AbbyRoseSpirit

Love Me

Posted on March 4, 2013 at 1:28 PM Comments comments (1)

The fire of desire to burn away misconceptions, look into the eyes of this fire to the core, behind all the illusions of self hate and anger, behind the glass wall of regret and pain, behind the dark corners of your own ideals of imperfection, You are love and that love burns to love you.

© 2013 AbbyRoseSpirit

Mother Earth Craves Love From Your Feet

Posted on January 29, 2013 at 3:48 PM Comments comments (6)

In times of chaos and disruption the security of your core to earth in balance with your intuition and spiritual being is needed to fully expand the dimension of your reality in order to shift your circumstances.

Mother earth craves the love from your feet! You can consciously create balance of polarities by being aware of your connection with earth along with the infinite possibilities of creative and/or spiritual belief. To be aware of Earths magnetic core and the core of your own being and by sending love to this center, you are creating a platform needed to obtain a higher existence in your human body.

It is easy to fall or to find that you are not being fully supported by universe, when your energy fields are out of whack between your lower and upper body.

When your energy fields are in balance it allows equilibrium into conditions presented in the moment, felt in the moment and reacted to with a natural flow and a level headed approach-creating harmony and a peaceful state of being.

© 2013 AbbyRoseSpirit

Structure Is Being Recalibrated On All levels

Posted on December 28, 2012 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (3)

Structure is being recalibrated on all levels. Take a minute and review who and where you were a year ago. Massive change of individual essence has been exactly that, changed
Your individual structure, Earth structure, and the structure of society as a whole, in logical correlation with numerological measurements, have been in complete transformation. In one moment, massive newness has taken place. It takes time for the mind to process so much in just a second; it takes time to process so much change. One forgets they are rooted to Earth, and cycles of nature and the process of growth have a pattern and seasons. Look in your heart, feel the massive awesomeness of the word infinity. It is in the heart that infinity is understood.
Do not be let down by your earthly material view of what has manifested in your core being of truth. The silence, the void in this wisdom, expands the stage of individual karma in the complete realigning to a never-ending line of possibilities, which, in a system of illusion, is seen as some kind of abstract thought. The reality of Creation is a gift to be opened, and the doorway has been opened.
Those who have begun this journey of self-discovery with all the harsh “reality” of an industrial nature are being thrown into a resurrecting fire of truth,fear burned to ashes, illusional fog cleared from energy fields. Many have wished that their own suffering would be completely gone in one day. The reality of reality is that which no longer exists to dictate your truth on material bases of greed and corruption, that these fields of energy, upon exit, are most likely painful.
Many are disappointed that nothing supposedly happened on the December 21st 2012. They are looking at the wrong energy zone. Ascension is, on many levels, flowing through and healing hardcore craziness, now more than ever.
Abby Rose

© 2012 AbbyRoseSpirit

12-12-12 Gateway

Posted on December 10, 2012 at 4:26 PM Comments comments (1)

Dear Beautiful beings of light, what will be happening on an individual level and as a whole to earth on the gateway of 12-12-12?

Dear Beautiful Soul, the light marker of this time will replenishing atoms that have been disrupted by your society and culture. New beings of light and love will be reborn from the amazing creation of rebirth.
Endings of sorts will take place, and many have been mourning for parts of ego and past are dieing, that no longer fit into this new way of life.

Creation is what is becoming of this new time and on many levels.

This date 12-12-12 is a doorway metaphorically, a doorway in which upon the light that sheds its beauty on all who dare to see will transform ideals and past will be cleared.

Upon arriving in this new state of glory all whom wish to serve humanity in whatever way they can, shall be brought to a higher realm of existence. The gifts many of you have been working on will automatically get a power serge and things that were unclear to you before will no longer exist with the parallel you knew.

Courage and strength are tools you have learned in your own process of transformation; at last you will see the victory of all your hard work Warriors of Light. For your strength and courage are important truths to owning the hearts greatest gifts. These tools of strength and courage will be the victory to all whom you help on earthly planes. Those in need of your assistance shall find strength in you, which will inspire their own awakening.
Manifest in your imagination by looking closely within, closely at your heart, as what will spring fourth with amazing dexterity, shall be reflected by the depth of feeling.

God bless all who walk the Earth. Be showered with our gifts, and own the truth of your heart with conviction.
Thank you so Much!

© 2012 AbbyRoseSpirit