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Door County, WI

Abby Rose Spirit

Psychic/Medium, Spirit Artist, Healer


The Abby Rose Show

A fun, inspirational show exploring a broad spectrum of topical spiritual issues with interviews, discussions, emotional guidance, and psychic readings.

The ESSENCE of The ABBY ROSE SHOW: To inspire creativity and joy, and to help people enthusiastically feel and realize the infinite possibilities of the heart. A unique radio experience to encourage people to think outside the box, and to embrace their unique perception of their souls, and by doing so, to take their rightful place in the universe.

Door County,WI

To Contact 1--877-212-7352

or Click Here

Recently Abby Rose was a featured Artist in Bellesprit Magazine,
Written by Kimberly Ward
Published on 06 March 2013

The conversation with Abby Rose was comfortable from the first hello, like talking to an old friend. We started out with general conversation to find that we had many things in common. Abby said something in the initial few minutes of our conversation that told me just how spiritually aligned she is with her art and the wonderful work she does. “What is great about being an artist is that it is infinitive and you build on it; it is endless when you can think like a creator, you are not limited.” However, Abby is more than just an Artist; she is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Psychic Intuitive, Spirit Artist and Animal Guide Artist. When Abby was in elementary school she used to read books by Sylvia Browne and through reading these books was able to feel ‘okay’ about being intuitive. Art was part of her life since her mother was also an artist and after reading one of Sylvia Browne’s books in the 5th grade decided to do what Sylvia Browne had done; ask for a Guide. But not just any Spirit Guide, an Artist guide. Read More

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The Empath And Addictions

A discussion with Kimberly Ward on the psychological impact of being an empath and how sometimes addictions can result from a lack of understanding of this gift.

Kimberly Ward resides in Upstate NY and is a Certified

Psychic, Medium, Shamanic Practitioner, Healer, and Ordained Spiritualis

t. Kimberly has been an empath her entire life, just "knowing" things on a deep an profound level. She uses cards in her readings as well as clairvoyance to tap into what is happening in your life. Through mediumship and Shamanic work she can identify passed loved ones and spirit guides around you. Kimberly also works on a Shamanic level to identify times in your life you may have suffered great loss and as a result left a piece of yourself within the trauma. Through Dream Interpretation she can identify blocks in your current circumstances that need to be addressed; as she believes dreams to be the result of an unresolved emotion or decision.

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Astrology, Shifts and Higher Frequencies

A discussion on current Astrological changes and frequency shifts on Earth, with Psychic/Medium, Healer and Spirit artist Abby Rose and Astrologer, writer

Jennifer L. Shelton

-Jennifer has been in the field of education for over twenty years, always with a focus on human rights. She is the founder of the website, FemCentral, the Virtual Institute for Women, where she works as editor, writer, and webmaster. She also teaches history, part-time, at the college, middle and high school levels.

A few years ago, she discovered an unexpected gift for astrology. She writes original astrology articles for FemCentral and provides a variety of astrological services, including individual readings and group classes.

In her "spare" time, she is researching the biography of the American Suffragist, Lucy Burns

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Meet Artist Abby Rose

Abigail and host Janet Roper from Talk 2 The Animals will be talking about the creative process that allows Abigail to create animal spirit drawings for people. To listen to the show click on player below,

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