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Abby Rose Spirit


Abby Rose is a Professional Psychic & Spirit Medium, 

Spirit Artist, Intuitive Consultant & Reiki Master since 2011

here to  provide you with guidance and direction in life, 

communicate with loved ones passed and bring healing 

and serenity to your life.

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Helping You Connect With Your Inner Self and

Your Loved Ones Who Have Passed On

Abby Rose Spirit

Have you ever wondered where your loved ones go and what they might have to say after they leave life on Earth?

Connect with your family members in spirit with my help! As a psychic medium, spirit artist, and a Reiki grand master healer and teacher, I’m here to bring you answers and messages directly from the realms of Spirit to warm your heart and soothe your mind.

I also have the ability to channel an image to its final flourish to produce a high-quality portrait, usually of a beloved family member who has passed on, a spirit guide, or a guardian angel.

Losing someone is one of the most painful experiences a person can go through. That’s why communicating with them through a powerful medium can help you move toward peace and healing.

For more information, feel free to browse my website. You may also contact me in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin to request my services. I’m more than happy to accommodate your needs.

On Spirit Art Drawing

I believe that creativity is a direct link to the Divine. As an artist, I work in layers using different media — whether painting, drawing, or sketching. My artistic images build layer upon layer until I hear a whisper in my mind or get a feeling of what the image is. I can queue into it, adding the last touches to the finished image.

Oftentimes, someone else can see other things in the art piece that I didn’t even realize I had drawn. I also don’t even look at the piece of charcoal or art tool that will be used next. I switch hands when I draw or rotate the canvas numerous times during the creative process because I believe in random chances. It’s meant to be that way because all things are connected with reasons that cannot be explained.

I believe healing takes place in the creative process. When I step back and see something from a different angle, I know the healing has happened. What’s right in front of you takes time to understand. It’s the joy that fills my heart when I can help another see what it is beyond a piece of paper.

Get to Know Me More

With More Than 10 Years of Experience in the Industry

Abby Rose is a Professional Psychic & Spirit Medium, Spirit Artist, Intuitive Consultant & Reiki Master since 2011, 

Learn more about me by reading my biography below.

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